Chasing the Sun into the West

Well we just got back from Arizona a little over a week ago and had a blast at “Junk in the Trunk” vintage marketplace expo! We met some new friends, and obsessed over food trucks and margaritas! I have to say I was keeping my eye out on a certain booth, after much instagram stalking, Pockets with Posies! Stephanie makes the most gorgeous handmade dolls, and I must say that it’s quite close to impossible to get your hands on one, since everyone is just as obsessed over them as I am. So what do you do when you find out she is going to be in Arizona at an expo, 30 minutes from my parents house, with a slew of her dolls!? Well you jump on a red eye flight from North Carolina to Arizona, to visit your extended tribe in the desert, and bring them to Junk in the Trunk to!

I cannot get over this blanket collab either, the material is so unbelievably soft. These ladies are just so beyond talented! Halle is in love, and so am I! Till next year at Junk in the Trunk!

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