So Your That Mom. . . 

#MomShaming #SocialMediaShowDown 

Let’s get to the point, motherhood. In modern day society we as mothers, are plagued, and overwhelmed with “how to parent” we are “groomed” by the mass perception given by mainstream medicine, and social media, to have some level of fear in regards to childbirth, child rearing, child bearing, when and how to get pregnant, timing, ovulation, eggs, charting, vitamins, food, formula, breast milk, pumping, health decisions, tests, to circumcision or not to, vaccines, public school, un-schooling, home schooling, timeouts, spanking the list goes on! It’s sad to me that as women, as mothers, we are constantly trying to find recognition, validation, and on the daily fighting the feeling of failing our offspring, or the image of not falling into the “perfect mom” persona, and trust me not going with the flow of the masses, will definitely mark you as an outcast, or a target. As my psychology professor in college made quite clear going against the social norm, will mark you as a social deviant, he couldn’t have been more right as I fall proudly within that realm, and label. 

I wish we all could just kick it old school, and go back to raw mother instincts, but the world is changing and so is its desire….

Social Media. I love it, and I hate it. It’s a black hole of amazingness, and bad juju. Wherever you scroll, thumb, or click there is an online community, a sub culture that is shaping how we should think, act, do, or strive to be like, now that is exhausting stimuli to categorize, rationalize and see how we choose to apply within ourselves. Not only is it cause for gray hairs, it’s truly disconnecting who we are, our identity is being stripped, and we are allowing ourselves to be influenced, or impressioned upon in a negative way. Honestly, why do I need to question my parenting, or choices because someone doesn’t agree, or doesn’t like what I do, or the fact I’m bombarded with endless posts, or images of things I need to be or have, in order to be viewed as a successful mom?  Who honestly has time for that #MomShaming

Make it a goal everyday to compliment, or encourage one person, more points if it’s a stranger! Be kind, spread love, have courage to be your genuine self. The person bashing you on social media, or talking behind your back, needs far more, love, validation and professional counseling in their personal life then you could ever possibly understand. For every 1 negative thing you can say about someone, find 3 positive things to say, it’s all about retraining your mind to be loving, and a better human being, are these not the traits we want our children to encompass?

Have Courage and Be Kind

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