Milk The Good Ol’ Utters

Absolutely love this recipe, and my littles favor it quite well. Its a fantastic alternative to commercial grade powdered formula, a great start to give from birth, or when transitioning from breast milk, or when your at that stage of introducing foods to your little, this stuff is liquid gold to another level. At first, I was nervous, skeptical even, but after our loving Chiropractor turned us on, and pretty much supported my daughter’s needs for several weeks by giving us homemade formula, which my daughter thrived on, I took the plunge,and started making homemade formula on my own, and haven’t looked back since. So I’m going to tell you what it is, why we use it, how to get it, and how to make it!

Our tribe strives to kick it back old school, following Dr. Weston A. Price whom has since kicked the bucket in all due respect, but his knowledge, studies, and research has lived on. In essence the want, and desire to sidestep main stream production of food, the use of additives, preservatives, etc. to go back to our primitive roots of farming, and taking back control of what we will, and will not put in our food, let alone bodies.

The homemade formula comes in a convenient ingredient kit with everything you will need to show up Chef Gordon Ramsay, you can order it here. The recipe itself, is based off of your main source of either Raw Cow’s Milk, or Raw Goats Milk if you don’t have Betsey mooooing about in your backyard (My dream come true-mind you) then you can find a reputable farm near you here, and if that’s not an option you can use commercial organic whole milk, you will need to add the good cultures back into the milk, which you can order here.

The recipe outline is based on the Weston A. Price Foundation this former post is over a decade old, but the recipe still remains true. The original recipe outline is poorly constructed in my opinion in both organization, and ease of common sense, so for everyone’s sanity I’m going to tweak the outline, and leave it below. With all the Chef Gordon shenanigans to take place, have fun with your little one, and remember a fed baby is a happy baby.

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